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Install Linux Kernel 4.1 on Linux Mint
After two months of development, Linus Torvalds has released the Linux kernel 4.1. Among the most notable improvements: encryption support in Ext4 FS, a new virtual filesystem tracefs, experimental
How to fix GPG error NO_PUBKEY?
Sometimes, when you upgrade the system, an error may occur GPG, which means that the key of some of the repository has changed or something happened to him. In this short article I will show how to
Synaptic package Manager in Linux Mint
Synaptic is a graphical package Manager for apt (apt-get). Allows to install, remove packages (programs) in the system, and perform other actions associated with managing packages.
Alfred - turn your old phone into a security camera
Alfred - service, which allows you to connect two smartphones based on Android so that one of them will act as a surveillance camera installed where needed to the owner, and the second in the role of

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Filezilla - convenient free FTP client
Among the many modern FTP clients that work with Linux Mint, you can select FileZilla. This is a free app that combines functionality, ergonomics and lightness. The program interface is simple and
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