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PyEnv - simple python version management
pyenv is a utility that allows you to easily switch between multiple versions of Python. This is very useful when developing SOFTWARE, when there are several different versions and they need to be
PDF Studio Viewer with Annotations and Form Filling for Linux
Qoppa's PDF Reader, PDF Studio Viewer, is a full featured PDF reader for Mint Linux that comes with various annotations tools to review and markup PDF documents, has advanced viewing, printing and

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Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
Mandelbulber is a cross-platform free program for creating images of three-dimensional fractals. The Mandelbulber program is an editor for creating (generating) volume fractals. The program has a lot
Visual Studio Code for Linux Mint
In 2015, Visual Studio has become a cross-platform, there was a program VS Code. To use it by the owners of Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

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AutoCad analogues for Linux
This article contains the best analogues of AutoCAD for Linux. There are both free and paid programs with similar features. If you know of any other programs such as AutoCad specify in the comments.
Testing Grim Dawn on Linux Mint
Sometimes I like to play, but not all good games are made including for Linux users. That's uncalled for! Today I will show an example of a decent game that some games made for Windows can work well
"cat" command in Linux terminal
The cat command is one of the most commonly used Linux commands. It is often used by experienced users while working with the terminal. With this command, you can very simply view the contents of a
Quick search in history of terminal
On the Linux command line, you often need to re-run previous commands. Let's look at how to quickly find and, if necessary, change a command that you have already executed before.
Linux Mint system boot statistics
System boot statistics or Linux system boot time is the time that is counted from the start of the system boot to the display of the desktop with all its attributes.
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