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Performous - karaoke with support for custom songs in Linux Mint/PinguyOS

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Performous - karaoke in Linux MintPerformous - karaoke in Linux Mint

Karaoke - game, where one or more players are playing a song and the game evaluates their performance.

Supports songs in formats UltraStar, Frets on Fire and StepMania. Microphones and instruments of SingStar, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as some of the dance area, auto determined.


*Windows / Linux / OS X (porting to others should be easy)

*A computer that can run 3D games (doesn't need to be fast)

*Microphones for singing (any regular microphones, SingStar/other USB mics)

*USB guitars and drums (Guitar Hero, Rock Band)

*USB dance pad for dancing (various brands)



    • Vocals, guitars (lead/rhythm/bass), drums and dancing with multiplayer support
    • Extremely good singing pitch detection (usable even with laptop or webcam microphones)
    • Intelligent gameplay determines what the player attempted to do
      • Avoid accidental hammer-ons / pull-offs, among other things
      • No more "wtf, I didn't make any mistake there" feeling
    • Controllers are autodetected (no need to configure keys)
    • Song formats: FoFUltraStar, SingStar XML, StepMania
    • C++ for high performance, rapid development and solid code
    • OpenGL 2.1 and SVG for nice graphics
    • Free software, licensed under GNU GPL version 2 or later

Installation into Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get install performous

Read official page How to add songs to the game

Good Luck!!!

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