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Jesús, for "libpackagekit" run: sudo apt-get install packagekit-backend-aptcc
Guest Michael
This is my favorite GUI text editor for Linux, I use the Windows version all the time too. I also covered this topic here.
I'm using Mint Cinnamone installed on virtual machine VMWare. The instruction helped me to adjust my mouse scroll wheel speed. I set the value to 6. Now it's comfortable to use the mouse. Thanks a lot!
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier, 1. Silentcast 2. I haven't checked, but I think that it is possible to do in the program SimpleScreenRecorder
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier
Is there an application that imports stills into a GIF?
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» » Reduction of sound on incoming call Skype in Linux Mint

Reduction of sound on incoming call Skype in Linux Mint

Reduction of sound on incoming call Skype in Linux MintReduction of sound on incoming call Skype in Linux Mint

In Linux PulseAudio has a feature that allows you to mute the player when there is an incoming call, but it is not enabled by default, at least on Ubuntu/Linux Mint.

Sorry for the spelling and phonetic errors in the text.
Owner and main writer of is not a native English speaker.


If you play music in Rhythmbox, Audacious, Banshee, Totem (Video) and so on when an incoming call in applications such as Skype, Ekiga Softphone, SFLphone VoIP client and other VoIP applications, the music continues to play even after the call is answered. PulseAudio has a feature that allows you to pause the music when a call comes in, but it is not enabled by default.


For this we have to activate two modules PulseAudio.
That's the behavior that you should expect after activating the module:

  • for some applications that support this feature, music player (Rhythmbox, Banshee) will pause the music when you answer a call on Skype and so on;
  • some applications that also support this feature turns off the sound when answering a call. An example of this application is: Totem (Video);
  • for applications that don't support it by default, such as Audacious and Linphone for example, the music will be muted, answering the call.

Installation into Linux Mintt:

for Linux Mint 17/16/14

pactl load-module module-role-cork

for Linux Mint 13

pactl load-module module-cork-music-on-phone

Open the file to edit the following command:


sudo gedit /etc/pulse/


sudo pluma /etc/pulse/

At the end of the file to copy/paste the line:

for Linux Mint 17/16/14

load-module module-role-cork

for Linux Mint 13

load-module module-cork-music-on-phone

[thumb=|Reduction of sound on incoming call Skype in Linux Mint][/thumb

Save the file and exit the editor.

Please note that currently it does not work with web browsers, so if you are watching a video on YouTube in Firefox, Chrome, etc., video will not be suspended when a call.

Good Luck!!!

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