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If you would like to backup your system to ISO- disk image or clone a partition.
humble pie
I think it works, Mint 18 xfce. Have installed clonezilla from the mint package manager, called it [sudo clonezilla] and it opened.
This is awesome!
david mabitsi
i cant seem to be winning uninstalling linux mint 17.2
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» » VkAudioSaver - music player and downloader from VK.com

VkAudioSaver - music player and downloader from VK.com

VKaudiosaver - music player and downloader from VK.com

VkAudioSaver - is a free program for downloading and listening music in vk.com. It enables you to search and listen tracks, edit play lists and download all the music in one click. VK.com - biggest russian social network.

Sorry for the spelling and phonetic errors in the text.
Owner and main writer of MintGuide.org is not a native English speaker.

Also you can download any track from public pages, groups, a user's page and even from newsfeed posts. For this you just need to copy a url from a browser address bar and paste it into the program search field.

Main features:
Quick search through all the music in vk.com

Tips about the most popular tracks and artists according Last.fm statistics will be displayed while typing a search query.
Ability to search audios from user's pages, groups, public pages or newsfeed posts.

Just copy a url from a browser address bar and paste it into the program search field. You'll see all the audios of a chosen user, a group, a public page or a newsfeed post!
Embedded online player

The program has an embedded online player with a shuffle support. Also you can manage the player from a tray icon menu.
Ability to control your playlists

You can add or remove audios from the search results, create, remove or update playlists and move audios to a chosen album.
Download manager

Ability to remove active downloads. Also you can download a whole playlist in one click. Just press the right button on a search results area and choose "Download all".
Safe VK authorization

The program uses VK API, so you install usual vk application, confirming necessary access rights. Anyway the program has a standard account support if you don't want to enter your login and password.
Lyrics support

If an uploaded audio in vk has lyrics, you will see the lyrics icon in the search results.
Last.fm integration

You can scrobble the played tracks directly to the Last.fm. Just authorize under your login and password in authorization options.
VK integration

You can send an audio that appealed to you directly to the VK wall. Also a current played track is optionally sent to to your VK status.
Multilingual support, checking for the updates

Today the program is available on two languages: Russian and English. Be sure, that you're using the latest program version :)

VkAudioSaver - music player and downloader from VK.com

VkAudioSaver - music player and downloader from VK.com

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:


cd /tmp; wget http://vkaudiosaver.ru/downloads/vkaudiosaver-debian-i386 -O VkAudioSaver-amd32.deb; sudo dpkg -i VkAudioSaver-amd32.deb


cd /tmp; wget http://vkaudiosaver.ru/downloads/vkaudiosaver-debian-amd64 -O VkAudioSaver-amd64.deb; sudo dpkg -i VkAudioSaver-amd64.deb

If you are not registered in the social network vk.com, after the program is installed, in settings select standard account.

VkAudioSaver - music player and downloader from VK.com

Good Luck!!!


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  1. Drumsal
    But if you don't register, you can't access to playlist features
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