Goggles Music Manager – Music Player For Linux

Goggles Music Manager (GMM) - Music Player For Linux
Goggles Music Manager (GMM) is a lightweight and fast universal Manager music collection with integrated audio player, automatically sort categories music files by genres, artists, albums, and songs.
Supported formats: Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP3, MP4, ASF and Musepack. There is an export playlist formats: XSPF, PLS, Extended M3U, M3U and CSV.
There is a search with smart sorting. For example, the possible exception to titles of articles “a”, “an” and “the”, etc.
Goggles Music Manager allows scrobbling service Last-FM and Libre.fm.

  • Fast and light weight. Quick startup, no splash screen needed!
  • Supports Opus, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, mp3 and mp4 (AAC and Apple Lossless)
  • Gapless playback and Replay Gain support (Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and mp3 with APE tags).
  • Support for cover art embedded in tag or as separate file on disk.
  • Subscribe to Podcasts (rss) using the buildin podcast manager.
  • Tag editing and powerfull file renaming capability.
  • Filters / Smart Playlists
  • Smart sorting with user configurable leading word filter to prevent sorting on common words like the, a or an.
  • Support for play lists. Play lists may be played in a certain configurable order, or browsed through like the main music library.
  • Import/Export music library and play lists to XSPF,PLS,Extended M3U,M3U and CSV.
  • Clipboard & DND (drag-and-drop) support to arrange playlists and dragging to and from gnome / kde applications.
  • Clean and fast database backend using SQLite 3.
  • Written using FOX, one of the fastest GUI toolkits available.
  • Last.fm and libre.fm audio scrobbler support.
  • Translated in Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Goggles Music Manager (GMM) - Music Player For Linux
Goggles Music Manager (GMM) - Music Player For Linux
Goggles Music Manager (GMM) - Music Player For Linux
The user interface is easily customizable. The player can customize like minimalistic window.
Goggles Music Manager (GMM) - Music Player For Linux

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Ctrl-N Reset default sorting order in current view.
Ctrl-R Shuffle track list.
Ctrl-B Toggles browse mode on or off.
Ctrl-T Toggles Tag list in browse mode.
Ctrl-Q Quit Goggles Music Manager.
Ctrl-O Import files from given directory.
Ctrl-J Jump to playing song in track list.
Ctrl-F Find
/ Find
Ctrl-S Show source browser
Ctrl-P Start playback.
Ctrl-\ Stop playback.
Ctrl-[ Play previous track.
Ctrl-] Play next track.
Ctrl-, Repeat Off
Ctrl-. Repeat Track
Ctrl-/ Repeat All
Alt-R Shuffle Play
Ctrl-A Select All in lists.
Ctrl-W Close Main Window
Ctrl-M Show Mini Player.
F12 Show Full Screen.
F2 Edit selected track, album, artist or genre.
Del Delete selected track, album, artist or genre.

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:s.jansen/gogglesmm
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gogglesmm
Good Luck!!!

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