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Cozy - modern audio book player for Linux

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Cozy - modern audio book player for Linux
Cozy supports DRM, mp3, m4a, flac and ogg audio books. Remembers the last playing position allows you to sort and view audio books author, reader and headers, as well as to integrate MPRIS.
In the present update (v0.4.0), the app has received a few small innovations.The updated version adds Cozy fully customizable sleep timer feature improves the export and receives support for playback of m4a/mp4. But alas, still does not support m4b.
Here are some features:
  • Import all your audiobooks into cozy to browse them comfortably
  • Listen to your DRM free mp3, m4a (aac, ALAC, ...), flac, ogg audio books
  • Remembers your playback position
  • Sleep timer!
  • Sort your audio books by author, reader & name
  • drag & drop to import new audiobooks
  • Mpris integration (Media keys & playback info for desktop environment)
Because the interface app is now comfortable placing elements of the "rewind" and "pause" in the left corner of the toolbar, not after section play it was. Filters "Author" and "Reader" are now displayed on the sidebar, while the author information is added to the fragment metadata, which is displayed on each cover audiobooks.
Cozy - modern audio book player for Linux
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download latest version
2. Install and run from the menu
Cozy - modern audio book player for Linux
Cozy - modern audio book player for Linux
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!​​​

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