» » M4Baker - tool for creating m4b-audiobooks in Linux Mint

M4Baker - tool for creating m4b-audiobooks in Linux Mint

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M4Baker - tool for creating m4b-audiobooks in Linux Mint
M4Baker - application for creating m4b-audiobooks. The m4b format is used for audiobooks and podcasts MPEG-4 (MPEG-4 Audio Book File). This format is used by applications and devices from Apple. In addition to audio tracks, m4b files contain some additional data, for example, a table of contents and the cover of the book.
The program m4Baker allows you to create a full-fledged audiobook. Supported import audio files, sorting files, setting up chapters (the beginning and end, name, duration, auto split). For audiobooks, you can also specify the title, author, year, and set the cover.
It is worth noting that ready-made solutions (such m4Baker) to create audiobooks in m4b format under Linux have no at the moment. On the Internet you can find a lot of scripts that convert mp3 to m4b.
  • make chapter markers
  • add cover picture from various filetypes
  • change and add metadata
  • on the fly conversion
  • batch mode
  • support for many different input file types
  • sort input files by filename or id3-tag (tracknumber)
  • split audiobooks into parts automatically
  • move chapters between audiobooks
M4Baker - tool for creating m4b-audiobooks in Linux Mint
M4Baker - tool for creating m4b-audiobooks in Linux Mint
Unfortunately, the people speak online, not all created m4Baker files play on other computers or devices.
Installation into Linux Mint:
m4Baker is not in the repositories, you should install from source. The first thing you need to install the dependencies that the application uses. To do this, run the command:
sudo apt install python-qt4 libcanberra-gtk-module faac libmp4v2-2 mp4v2-utils sox libsox-fmt-mp3
Now download the source code. The program had not been updated since 2010, so will download and unpack last release (single command):
cd/ tmp; wget; tar -xvzf 0.1.92.tar.gz
Go to the directory where you unpacked the archive:
cd m4baker-0.1.92
Finally, run the install application:
sudo python install --optimize=1
To start M4Baker now you can use:
or use the start menu entry (On my PC, m4baker appeared in the menu after restarting desktop)
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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Ken 12 July 2018 17:09
Help use to work ver mint 18.3 since mint upgrade 19.0 not work tried upgrade m4baker
get this error ~/m4baker-0.1.92 $ m4baker
QProcess: Destroyed while process is still running.
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