/ MP3 Diags - recovery and repair MP3 collection

MP3 Diags - recovery and repair MP3 collection

The list of problems will help to understand MP3 Diags more than impressive: incorrect/duplicate tags, incorrect encoding tags (non-English characters), the duration is wrong/incorrect rewind in the player (variable bit rate), non-audio data within the audio stream, unknown/unsupported/empty audio streams, as well as to "improve" the quality, volume normalization and more, just about fifty points.
It should be noted that works MP3 Diags not obvious, and this behavior will have to get used to. First we create a new session, which you need to select the directory with the music. The "problem" files, it is better to lay down in advance, so it will be faster and safer, and to work with them already there with backup. Next you need to come up with some name for the settings file, it will be used for all subsequent runs. And only after these steps we get to the main window of the program. The very same work from MP3 Diags is to read the message about the detected problem and pressing the right buttons, which it eliminates.
MP3 Diags - recovery and repair MP3 collectionFor all buttons provided by the tooltip. The top left button to add a directory (Scan) and a few handy filters, arrow on both sides of the address bar allow you to navigate between directories, on the right we are interested in "repair" button, the tag editor, Normalizer, and more. All the window takes a list of files and detailed description of issues found. The latter can be addressed as singly and in groups. Each numbered "repair" button is its own group with its own set of problems it can fix. The contents of the button is easily editable in the settings.
MP3 Diags - recovery and repair MP3 collectionSome of the more important issues that are found:Some of the fixes and changes that MP3 Diags can do:MP3 Diags - recovery and repair MP3 collection
Installation into Linux Mint:
sudo apt install mp3diags
MP3 Diags - recovery and repair MP3 collection May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!​​​ 
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