» » Conky Manager - graphical front-end for managing Conky in Linux Mint

Conky Manager - graphical front-end for managing Conky in Linux Mint

Effects / Themes
 Conky in Linux Mint
Conky manger can do with a simple and obvious graphical interface to install a skin from the directory (and more than one theme at a time can use it), can add Conky in the autorun to change the location, transparency, number and sizes of the widgets on the desktop.



*Start/Stop, Browse and Edit Conky themes

*Run Conky on system startup

*Options to change location, transparency and size of Conky widget window

*Options to change time and network interface

Conky manger in Linux Mint

Installation into Linux Mint:
sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install conky-all conky-manager
Conky Theme Packs
A conky manager theme pack is a 7zip file with a .cmtp.7z extension containing following folders:
1) fonts - These fonts will be copied to ~/.fonts when the pack is imported.
2) themes - These themes will be copied to ~/conky-manager/themes 
3) home - Any folders named conky, .conky or .fonts in this location will be copied to the user's Home folder.
To import a theme pack go to the Options tab and click the Add button:

Conky manager themes pack in Linux Mint

Download themes you can at the official website.
Good Luck!!!

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Shekin 4 July 2016 08:00
tried in linux mint 18. works fine
x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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