Conky Manager – graphical front-end for managing Conky in Linux Mint

 Conky in Linux Mint
Conky manger can do with a simple and obvious graphical interface to install a skin from the directory (and more than one theme at a time can use it), can add Conky in the autorun to change the location, transparency, number and sizes of the widgets on the desktop.



*Start/Stop, Browse and Edit Conky themes

*Run Conky on system startup

*Options to change location, transparency and size of Conky widget window

*Options to change time and network interface

Conky manger in Linux Mint

Installation into Linux Mint:
sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install conky-all conky-manager

Conky Theme Packs
A conky manager theme pack is a 7zip file with a .cmtp.7z extension containing following folders:
1) fonts – These fonts will be copied to ~/.fonts when the pack is imported.
2) themes – These themes will be copied to ~/conky-manager/themes 
3) home – Any folders named conky, .conky or .fonts in this location will be copied to the user’s Home folder.
To import a theme pack go to the Options tab and click the Add button:

Conky manager themes pack in Linux Mint

Download themes you can at the official website.

Good Luck!!!

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2022 years ago

tried in linux mint 18. works fine

2022 years ago

tried in linux mint 18.3 64 bit and after setting switch to "start with linux" my system has a shut down delay and a message that "gnome keyring deamon" ist still running.
after several tries i and restarts with different settings, i found out, that LM 18.3 Cinnamon only shuts down fast and correct after turning upnamed switch in "off" position.
further several (about 4) dependencies are missing under LM 18.3 Cin. which get installed during setup process. cause of no solution for keyring/shut down delay i purged conky manager – but the co-installed packages stayed on my system.

2022 years ago

Unable to locate package conky-manager
Any idea