UpClock: Watch the desktop widget


Design welcome screen Ubuntu Touch became sinonimom to the efforts of Canonical mobile front – and it is easy to understand why.
Its design and beautiful and informative: passively receiving information, for example, how many photos you have done over the last 24 hours, or how much you have missed calls is displayed as an animation in circles.
UpClock desktop widget hours open source inspired by the welcome screen Ubuntu Touch. It does not support all the features you can find in the mobile version, so don’t expect to see any statistics about unread messages, the captured photo and so on.
But it matches the design in General, and as his source, focuses our attention on the color and the size of the circle.
Features include:

*Gamma adjustment application

*You can select a 12 – or 24-hour format (hours

*Animated effects

*Although I do not think that UpClock ever to be included in the list of “must have” applications, fans desktop, and who are tired of the complexity of the tools, such as Conky, you should definitely try it.



run the following commands on your terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apandada1/up-clocksudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install up-clock
Good luck!
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