Easystroke – recognition software is mouse gestures

Easystroke — recognition software is mouse gestures

Easystroke — simple and intuitive C++ / GTK application for managing a computer with mouse gestures. Paint on screen certain shapes with the mouse, you can launch applications or perform certain actions (for example, to simulate keystrokes).

The calling method is frequently used commands implemented in Easystroke allows to simplify and expedite the work on the computer. And for many, it may seem very convenient…
With Easystroke use the computer will become more simple and intuitive, because it is much easier to draw any character than to look for the application in the menu (sometimes quite extensive) and aim the cursor in the line…
Easystroke originally intended for use on a tablet PC, for effective use without access to the keyboard. But currently the app can be used also to assign keyboard combinations and simulate the “scroll wheel“.

Easystroke has a lot of features, can be run as a single application or group of applications. To draw the gestures in the app, default, use the middle mouse button. But can be configured to use the right button, and to set the delay of implementation actions for gestures.
Easystroke is integrated in the system tray, when you turn on the computer (being added to the startup) starts tracking the mouse movement and when detected, to perform the corresponding gesture commands.

Easystroke — recognition software is mouse gesturesEasystroke — recognition software is mouse gestures

I installed the program for the sake of curiosity, but now so firmly rooted in my system, now to delete the program does not want. All major programs run precisely using Easystroke. Need to the browserdraw the ball, you need to run Nemo — draw N, need music M, etc. Naturally before use to draw these gestures and associate them with the programs, it is no more difficult than using the utility Addalias
The program works perfectly well, does not slow down and crashes! Advise!

Installation into Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get install -y easystroke

Remove from Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get remove easystroke

Good Luck!!!


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