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Transparent system panel in Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon

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Transparent system panel in Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon

By default in Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon theme in the desktop system panel is black and opaque. In the settings panel there is no option or setting the transparency panel. But in Linux file system is open for user and administrative changes that where in configuration files it is possible to make the necessary changes. Something that is not provided by the developers, we will try to do it yourself.

Edit the file default theme's cinnamon.css with administrator's rights:

sudo gedit /usr/share/themes/Linux\ Mint/cinnamon/cinnamon.css

When you open the text editor with the file cinnamon.css, press Ctrl+F in the search box copy/paste the #panel, and then click Find:

Transparent system panel in Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon

Now at the end of this section (panel), add the line (copy/paste):

background-color: rgba(175,175,175,0.05);

Transparent system panel in Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon

Save the file and close the editor.
To make the changes take effect, you must restart Cinnamon. Press Alt+F2, type r and press Enter.

Transparent system panel in Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon

Now the system panel Cinnamon should be transparent.
Good luck!!!

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Quien Sabe
Quien Sabe 14 March 2016 22:55
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Shekin 15 March 2016 09:42
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hewpow 8 February 2017 11:21
avoid, unless you like to use old linux mint 17, this does not work in linux mint 18
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Shekin 6 March 2017 09:16
see here
x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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