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Terminal - customizable appearance in Linux Mint

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Terminal - customizable appearance in Linux Mint

The terminal is super-useful thing, which much simplifies your life in Linux. So since you often have to meet with the console, then I would recommend a bit to customize its appearance. I am sure that many already know how to do it, so this article is devoted to new users.


To start the Terminal you can press Ctrl-Alt-T, or by entering in the search menu the word "terminal", without the quotes of course. You will see this window to enter various commands.

Terminal - customizable appearance in Linux Mint

Go to menu - edit - Profile - edit - General tab. In this tab you can change the font. Then go to the tab - Colors. Remove the check mark from the "Use colors from system theme".

Terminal - customizable appearance in Linux MintTerminal - customizable appearance in Linux Mint

you can choose your own color combinations or choose from existing options on the menu - "Built-in schemes". Then go to the Background tab. Adjust the transparency to your taste.

You can create several profiles, which will be changed fonts, transparency, background and text color. Give a name for each profile in the General tab. After that you can change these profiles from the Terminal menu.

Good Luck!!!

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xPrzybyLx 12 April 2016 20:45
I highly recommend the terminal colors package on Github :
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