Variety-automatically Wallpaper Changer


Variety – the program for automatic Wallpaper changer. Specify multiple images or folders with pictures and it will change the desktop Wallpaper at regular intervals. It can also automatically download beautiful Wallpaper of several online sources. The program “friends” with any desktop environment: Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, GNOME Shell etc.
Variety works quietly in the background, consuming a small amount of system resources. After installation, activation and settings in the system tray, its icon appears. You can click on it to open the context menu or scrolling the mouse wheel forward or backward to change the Wallpaper. 

There are many such apps, but Variety stands out among them. It can display Wallpapers from local sources or a variety of online resources, allows the user to change the desktop background via the adjustable time intervals, and also makes it easy to separate a great image from irrelevant.

You can enable the startup of the app, change the interval to change your Wallpaper and change the desktop background when the application starts.

Another cool feature of this program is the effects that you can apply to your current background. You can also display wise or funny quotes from a variety of sources, and to display a clock on your desktop. You can customize their appearance.
With the help of this program you can also manually download the Wallpapers from different sources.

Recently released a new version of the application, received the following changes and improvements:

  • Added more image sources
  • Fixed support for KDE Plasma 5
  • User interface improvements
  • Removed some unimportant extra files
  • Added the source “Bing – photo of the day”.
  • Fixed publish to Facebook
  • Fixes in the support of the desktop environment LXQt
  • Improved definition images from MediaRSS-feeds
  • Support i3-wm
  • Update files with translations of the app into different languages
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

Open a terminal, copy and execute the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peterlevi/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install variety[/simterm]


In the settings window, check the box to Run at system startup.
Also, you can set a beautiful watch on the Desk.
Generally there’s a lot of interesting settings. Try it!
Good Luck!!
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