» » Steam for Linux was able to delete all user files

Steam for Linux was able to delete all user files

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Steam for Linux was able to delete all user files

Some of the Linux community who bought the game through Steam, said about the destruction of all data in own user directory.

The culprit was found rather quickly. It proved to be inept programmer from Valve, which is placed in the script the following code:

rm -rf "$STEAMROOT/"*

Originally this line was to clear all the contents of a directory with files in Steam, but in some cases the variable $STEAMROOT ran the command to delete all files that can be removed from the user name. Usually, it's the contents of /home:

rm -rf /*

It was found that the error occurred in cases when the user has renamed the directory Steam, or ran Steam with the debug option STEAM_DEBUG=1.
Topic about the problem has already collected more than 200 comments. One citizen of the number of victims unlucky especially before starting Steam he mounted external hard drive 3 TB. All that was acquired by overwork, all died.

Good Luck!!!


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