Picpuz – compilation of images from the puzzles

Picpuz - compilation of images from the puzzles on Linux Mint

Picpuz is a simple graphical application to create a foldable of the images (puzzles).

Puzzle/Foldable picture – puzzle game in which many fragments of varying shape, you want to make a drawing/picture.
Is one of the most accessible of games to develop logical thinking, attention, memory, imagination. Especially useful for the development of thinking and cognitive abilities in children.

Picpuz works is very simple:
1. You need to choose the picture on your local drive
2. To determine the number of pieces (puzzles)
3. To throw a picture in a chaotic/random
4. And you can begin the compilation/Assembly

Picpuz - compilation of images from the puzzles on Linux Mint
Click on the selected puzzle, then click on the place where you want to embed. Move the puzzle until, until you have the original pictures.
To complicate the program, shattering the picture for a larger number of puzzles in the change title size, selecting a new size in pixels (less than the size of the puzzle in pixels, the more fragments).

Installation into Linux Mint:

Download and install Picpuz file from the official website kornelix:

Good Luck!!!

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