Strife – free to play, competitive, online ARTS/MOBA

Strife - free to play, competitive, online ARTS/MOBA

Strife is a multiplayer pc game developed by S2 Games. The game was developed in the MOBA genre, and is absolutely free.

Battle arena (MOBA) with advanced gameplay mechanics, allowing you to constantly be in battle: immortal courier, wards in the forest, additional restoration of life and mana.
The experience between players of one team are distributed evenly, which eliminates competition. It is also possible to change on the fly the properties of your own weapon and ammunition from the base deliver couriers.

In Strife, each character has a pet. Each helper has its own super ability, one active and several passive abilities: can someone make a hero invisible, someone restores health and removes negative effects and so on.

At first glance, everything is very familiar:

  • The development of the hero
  • The purchase of equipment
  • Recruitment team
  • Capture points and attack other players
  • The division of gold and over

Strife - free to play, competitive, online ARTS/MOBA

But no! There are a couple of interesting differences, and they are clearly aimed at the simplification of the gameplay:

1. All the characters are available initially. No need to save gold to buy a character, no need to wait for the weekly free “trial” characters. Take and play.
2. Each player has a personal free courier! “LoL” – had to run to the store, “Dota” – wait for one courier for all players, often perishing on the way. It is easier, the right products reach you at any point of the battle.
3. Maps significantly less, which adds to the fights dynamic.

Strife - free to play, competitive, online ARTS/MOBA

And here are a couple of innovations to the world between the players:
1. Gold for kill goes to everyone, though in different quantities. Who stood close and tried to participate get more who slept on the database – less.
2. No communication with the enemy team. No insults in chat, just a calm discussion with their tactics.

Strife - free to play, competitive, online ARTS/MOBA

Strife - free to play, competitive, online ARTS/MOBA

Looking for dark Gothic landscapes and harsh characters? Pass by. “Strife” was a bit cartoonish and extremely nice.

Consider it a minus or a plus is up to you, but not to fall in love with Pets, and some characters, I have to try.

“Strife” turned on the fan, and fans of the old titans of the MOBA genre can find something to cling to. For others, it’s a great opportunity to kill time and to enjoy quality games.

Good Luck!!!

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