/ Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Here is a good schedule, almost everything is made pretty solidly and pleasing to the eye.
The game just looks gorgeous, for a fun day with friends.
The main feature in this game is the gameplay, even through the floor hundreds of hours of krasilovo stupid zombies with parkour, manages not to get bored.
The game is designed interesting crafting system, explain why ... what would Want your opponents was convulsing? Please! What would the blood flowed from them as from a fountain? Not a problem! And many other interesting splash)
Though not a big kastomizatsiya clothes and cars, but here it is still there and it is impossible not to notice.
Dynamic change of day and night
Gameplay dilutes the great shift or night if during the day you are the king and God of the night, the Jumpers will put your status in question...
The variety of opponents
I would not say that diversity is quite large, but it is still there, from the crowds of the usual slow-witted zombies to two storey thugs.
There is quite a good dismemberment, at least I relished)
A wide range of different weapons from the usual axe to a huge reinforcement with stones.
Additional great things there are present from the cats hook up to the shield, which will greatly help you.

I like this game very much, passed the game without stopping!!!
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Good Luck!!!

6-06-2016, 13:10
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