Software, included in the category "Graphics" is used to create, view, convert, edit, and organize a variety of images (raster, vector, 3D). This graphic editors, and browsers, and converters, and means for creating animated images and screenshots.
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
Mandelbulber is a cross-platform free program for creating images of three-dimensional fractals. The Mandelbulber program is an editor for creating (generating) volume fractals. The program has a lot
sView - stereoscopic media player
sView is an open-source cross-platform media player / viewer with additional features for displaying stereoscopic content. It supports 360-degrees spherical and cubemap panoramas, images and videos
BIMP - GIMP plugin for batch processing images
BIMP plugin for the raster graphics editor GIMP that allows you to do batch processing of files, that is, apply to multiple specified files is one and the same action automatically.

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PhotoQt - fast, lightweight image viewer
  PhotoQt is a fast, lightweight image viewer. The interface has a modern and well configured. The first thing I struck when working with PhotoQt is its speed. The program is really virtually no
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