Google Web Designer – interactive HTML5-based designs

Google Web DesignerGoogle Web Designer

Internet company Google has launched a new service designed to simplify the creation of webmasters interactive elements on HTML5 for their websites. We are talking about advertising banners, web animation, and other similar components that can be used both in design and in design. 
Google Web Designer cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), and is still in beta, recommending users to leave feedback and suggestions. Available in this tool functionality should be enough for a comfortable user experience of any level.

-Banners and other promotional materials in HTML5; 

-Viewing and editing with built-in editor, Java Script and CSS files; 

-Development of interactive elements and a full single-page sites.

-Google Web Designer is free of charge.

-A simple interface.

-Easily create animations.

-It may be useful to quickly layout.

-The interface is multilingual

Google Web DesignerGoogle Web Designer

Installation into Linux Mint:
For 32 bit 
cd /tmp && wget && sudo dpkg -i google-webdesigner_current_i386.deb
For 64 bit
cd /tmp && wget && sudo dpkg -i google-webdesigner_current_amd64.deb
Good Luck!!
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