Picty helps you manage photos on Linux Mint

Picty helps you manage photos on Linux Mint

Are you still looking for an app that can handle your large collection of photos? If Yes, then you can take advantage of the excellent lightweight app called Picty. Although a variety of other excellent managers photo, Picty free, powerful and simple and can help the user to manage the photos without any problems.

Picty is stored in the image metadata. For extensibility, the database and the indexes are temporary files that can be deleted at any time without losing any useful data. 

Picty can work with collections of photographs, numbering more than 20,000 images, allows you to create a collection of images on the local disk, get images from cameras, mobile devices, other media devices and web services for storing images (now supported, for example, Flickr).

You can create as many collections as you wish, and can move them wherever you want. The application writes and reads the standard metadata formats IPTC, Xmp and Exif. Other main features include basic image editing, support for multiple monitors, folder view and more. Also, the application provides powerful search and support for plug-ins (e.g. plug-ins are listed some interface features tags, support for geolocation and others).

Picty helps you manage photos on Linux MintPicty helps you manage photos on Linux Mint

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:damien-moore/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install picty[/simterm]

Installation of greater functionality, like support for Flickr, geotagging, raw processing and preview video:

sudo apt-get install dcraw totem python-gdata python-flickrapi python-osmgpsmap[/simterm]

Good Luck!!!


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