Geeqie – view and manage images


Geeqie – computer program for viewing images, fork program GQview ( abandoned). An important feature of the program is quick viewing of photos in Raw format, and the joint work with such applications as UFRaw (batch processing Raw), GIMP, ImageMagick, gPhoto. Includes thumbnail view, zoom, filtering and support for external editors.


-Compare up to four images on a single screen;

-Binding to label files;

-A possibility to group files by name, ignoring showing files are only different extension (the same image in different formats);

-The possibility of defining external handlers copying, moving and deleting;

-Extended bind call external editors to the types of images;

-For all of the operations available in the menu, hotkeys were created;

-Support Exiv2 Is;

-Tools to configure mappings frames, backgrounds, and other visual elements surrounding the image;

-Support for RAW files Samsung (.pef) and the color space RGB.


Installation into Linux Mint:
Geeqie can be installed from the software Center or execute a command in the terminal to install:
sudo apt-get install geeqie[/simterm]After installation you will find Geeqie in Graphics programs or search menu.
Good luck!
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