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Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals

Section: Graphics | Actuality: Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
Mandelbulber is a cross-platform free program for creating images of three-dimensional fractals. The Mandelbulber program is an editor for creating (generating) volume fractals. The program has a lot of opportunities, it allows you to create images of fractals of varying complexity.
The results of the program are amazing. Fractals are insanely beautiful and fascinating (all images of fractals below are created in Mandelbulber).
  • Enlightening Documentation
  • Renders trigonometric, hyper-complex, Mandelbox, IFS, and many other 3D fractals
  • Complex 3D ray-marching: hard shadows, ambient occlusion, depth of field, translucency & refraction, etc.
  • Rich GUI in Qt 5 environment
  • Unlimited image resolution on 64-bit systems
  • Program compiled for x86 and x64 CPUs (Linux, Windows, OSX)
  • Simple 3D navigator
  • Distributed Network Rendering
  • Rendering using OpenCL
  • Key-frame animation for all parameters with different interpolations
  • Material management
  • Texture mapping (color, luminosity, diffusion, normal maps, displacement)
  • Exporting of 3D objects
  • Rendering queue
  • Command line interface for headless systems
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
The main program window has many elements. In the center is a rendering window. Around it available to different functional and dashboards.
It is almost impossible for an untrained person to understand the program, so you need to read the documentation to complete the work. Video tutorials are also available.
The program interface is implemented in Qt. The program is written in C++.
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
sudo apt install mandelbulber2
Also you can use the portable version
Mandelbulber - Creating 3D fractals
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!​​​

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