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Wickr - messenger for anonymous communication

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Wickr - messenger for anonymous communication

Wickr is an online messenger, which is 100% anonymous on the Internet. Wickr is an application that literally leaves no traces. Wickr destroys your messages not only on your smartphones, phones and computers, but also on servers, through which the correspondence. In addition, the program has a full erase of all history, after which messages cannot be recovered by any means.

Using Wickr you can send text messages, pictures, audio, video and PDF files using a variety of encryption standards (AES 256, ECDH 521, RSA 4096 TLD). Your messages will not contain any names, geolocation data, neither the recipient nor the sender. In the application settings you will be able to choose the time period over which messages will be deleted permanently.


Wickr is a closed ecosystem and to use both the user must have a profile in the application. A profile is created for a few minutes, but to find its destination, you can only on a specific user name or e-mail. With Wickr feel like a spy, because you should to enter the password here have at every step.

Wickr works on computers: Windows, OS X, Linux (deb 32-bit and 64-bit) and mobile devices: iOS, Android.

Installation into Linux Mint 17/17.1:

1. Click on the link Wickr downloads, download the deb package according to the architecture of your system (32-bit or 64-bit)

2. Install it

When the program opens, click on Create New Account

Wickr - messenger for anonymous communicationWickr - messenger for anonymous communication

A separate window opens notifying you that Wickr has no option to reset a forgotten password. Therefore, it is necessary to write down or remember your password. To confirm, click OKNext, log in to your account Wickr by entering the password and clicking Sing in.

You can add contacts, create new messages for friends/acquaintances, etc., Click on the Friends button on the left to add a friend from your contacts

Wickr - messenger for anonymous communicationWickr - messenger for anonymous communication

Wickr - messenger for anonymous communicationWickr - messenger for anonymous communication

Settings Wickr is located in the lower left corner of the main window. Click on the button Settings to begin setting up your account.

Now you can chat with your friends anonymously and securely.

Good Luck!!!

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