Maxthon (Stable) – the first official version of LInux

Maxthon (Stable) - the first official version of LInux

Released the first official version of the browser Maxthon for Linux. As they say in the company Maxthon version for Linux has long been asked many users browser, partly it was the impetus for the development of Maxthon browser under Linux.

The browser Maxthon uses two unique slide design, Webkit and Trident. Fast and efficient, instantly and correctly displays all web pages. Better support for HTML5 and a complex of unique features you can’t get anywhere else, allow Maxthon users to easily share files and send them to different devices and platforms.

What’s new in Maxthon version
  • The new graphical interface.
  • Autocomplete, synchronizing via Maxthon Account, AES256 encryption support.
  • Access to bookmarks, quick access through the Maxthon Account.
  • Support for mouse gestures.
  • Drag&Drop support to open links.
  • With one click restore previous session.
  • Improved integration with the environment Unity in Ubuntu.

If you have previously installed Maxthon browser, then you will likely get the upgrade to version in the regular system updates.
For installation of the browser Maxthon for the first time, refer to the official download page, selecting package for the architecture of your system at the following link:


or you can install a single command in the terminal:
for 32-bit
cd /tmp && wget && sudo dpkg -i maxthon-browser-stable_1.0.0.10_i386.deb
for 64-bit
cd /tmp && wget && sudo dpkg -i maxthon-browser-stable_1.0.0.10_amd64.deb
Good luck))))
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