Youtube-dlG – downloader video from video sharing sites


Youtube-dlG is a cross – platform graphical user interface for popular console tool to download videos `youtube-dl`. This interface allows you to simultaneously download multiple videos, automatically convert the downloaded video to audio allows you to choose the video quality, and much more.

youtube-dl – console video Downloader, which, despite its name, allows you to download videos from hundreds of web sites, can automatically extract audio supports loading playlists and download and embed subtitles in the video and much more.

Opportunities Youtube-dlG:

*download videos from all web sites, which are supported youtube-dl

*support download multiple videos

*can automatically convert downloaded videos into audio (with the options of choosing the format and quality)

*support video Youtube DASH (it automatically downloads and image, and audio, and combines them; optionally, you can download or audio, or video)

*allows you to choose video format

*settings for Plastov: you can choose the first and last video in the playlist that you want to load, and maximum number of files that will be downloaded from playlist

*subtitles: you can download all available subtitles, capture them in a video, and choose the desired language for subtitles

*options for writing the description of the file, write to the preview of the file to disk, upload speed limit, minimum and maximum file size, and more

*support for installation of User-Agent, referrers, support login to download the video, support for proxy servers

*automatic download and update youtube-dl

*line support arguments that are sent to youtube-dl.

Youtube-dlG - downloader video from video sharing sites

Youtube-dlG (or youtube-dl-gui) does not provide access to all features youtube-dl (I would say, so many of them that it is almost impossible to integrate them into a single interface), but it gives users access to basic features, which will be sufficient for most users.
Here are some screenshots of some of the options available in Youtube-dlG:

Youtube-dlG - downloader video from video sharing sites

Youtube-dlG - downloader video from video sharing sites

Installation into Linux Mint:
Using the repository
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8sudo apt updatesudo apt install youtube-dlg
If you do not want to add the PPA repository in your system, you can manually download the deb packages from here and install them.
Good luck!!!
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