Min – easy, smarter, faster web browser

Min — easy, smarter, faster web browser

Min is an open source web browser with a clean user interface and minimalist design. Even though it is minimalistic, Min has enough capacity for normal web browsing.Min — written in CSS and jаvascript using Electron. If you don’t like Electron based apps, just read this article and maybe you’ll still try it.
The interface in the browser is clean and simple. It has such important features as ad blocking, script blocking, web search in address bar, etc.
Although it is based on Electron, Min surprisingly very fast. And as soon as I clicked on the launch shortcut of the browser, it started instantly, literally in a split second.

Min - easy, smarter, faster web browser

You can also group tabs in tasks.

Min - easy, smarter, faster web browser

Min browser features
Some of the main Features of the min browser can be summarized as follows:

  • A minimalist user interface
  • Fuzzy search in the address bar
  • DuckDuckGo is the default search engine, but you can change it to use other search engines
  • Built-in ad and script blocking. This can be activated from the menu-> settings-> content Lock.
  • Tabs can be grouped into “tasks”, which are basically collections of tabs. You can switch between tasks so that one group of tabs is visible and used.
  • Reader mode allows you to view the web page in the form of a book page for easier reading. Each time you open a web page in read mode, it is saved in the read list for 30 days.
  • Focus mode lets you focus on the current tab by hiding all other tabs.
  • Dark and light modes
  • Very easy
  • Supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts
  • View PDF
  • Cross-platform, available for Linux, Windows and macOS

Installation latest version web browsers for linux mint:
1. Download latest Deb package

Min - easy, smarter, faster web browser

2. Install
3. Run)))

Min - easy, smarter, faster web browser
Min - easy, smarter, faster web browser

May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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