pCloud – cloud storage from Switzerland

pCloud — cloud storage from Switzerland

There are a lot of cloud storage, but in this article, I want to introduce you to pCloud. pCloud — came to us from Switzerland. Focusing on encryption and security, cloud offers 10GB of free space for each registration. You can increase this space up to 20GB by inviting friends, sharing links to social networks, etc.It has all the standard functions of a cloud service such as file sharing and sync, selective sync, etc.
You can also listen music and create playlists right in your cloud, and for that a default music player is available. PCloud also has its own clients on different platforms, including Linux, of course.
Positive in pcloud:
10 GB of free space, expandable up to 20GB
Good working Linux client with GUI
Encryption — premium feature
Run latest version on Linux Mint:
1. register a new account for free or for premium trial period
Once registered, you will have access to as much as 10Gb of cloud storage, which you can extend by following a few more simple steps, and one of these steps is installing the client on Linux.
The Linux client is easy to use and works well in Ubuntu/Linux mint. Other systems have not tried.
2. app image file is available on the official website, which you can download after registration.

pCloud - cloud storage from Switzerland

3. After downloading, you need to make this file executable and run

pCloud - cloud storage from Switzerland

Enter your login and password, which you specified during registration, and do not forget to note “Remember me”, as the client will automatically start at the start of the system.

pCloud - cloud storage from Switzerland

This is a very cool cloud service that provides not only free space, but also thinking about their customers, for example in this service, you can buy gigabytes of cloud space free of charge, that is, forever, well, tell me what else the client offers such services, usually offer to buy for a year or two.

pCloud - cloud storage from Switzerland
pCloud - cloud storage from Switzerland
pCloud - cloud storage from Switzerland

May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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