Making music on Linux Mint

    Do you want to make music, but can not to buy a professional music software? We tell you how to get a free and powerful workstation for music creation!

    Is it possible to make music, being free? Undoubtedly! This section of the tell you about Linux Mint as a free and powerful musical workstation. You can find here articles such represents life sketches of Linux music maker, tells stories about common problems and ways to solve. You will know how to customize the operating system and a sound subsystem for the best performance. You will get knowledges about Linux music software and methods of working with them. We destroy a myth that music making is possible only with an expensive proprietary software. We show that music creation may be free and available for everyone! Transform your Linux Mint into powerful musical workstation and get to work immediately!

Helio Workstation - free music sequencer
Helio is free and open-source software, aimed to be a modern music creation tool; it features high-performance core, linear-based sequencer with clean interface, integrated version control providing
Helm - Amazing free software synthesizer
Helm is a free, cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer with a flexible modulation system. Helm is open source and you are free to run it anywhere, study and change the source code, and redistribute
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