Digits – synthesizer based on phase distortion

Digits - synthesizer based on phase distortion

Digits – synthesizer based on phase distortion, inspired by a line of analog synths “Casio-CZ”, but created with the needs of modern musicians.

In a set of over 50 built in presets, including bass tones, leads, timbres simulating live instruments, “fat” pads, sweeps etc. the Graphical user interface is designed with such a purpose that the user could easily and quickly customize your synth to your needs.

Features in v 1.3:

-Full editor GUI! (Not in linux! but don’t need it)
-Much lower CPU usage
-New global gain setting
-Gain defaults to -3db if not set
-(e.g., all old patches/projects default to -3db)
-Better bank/patch support
-New patch directory layout
-1.3C: Fix incompatibility with older Mac OS (tested on 10.5)
-1.3C: Fix font color
-1.3C (Win): Fixed dampening knob behavior
-1.3E: Digits now comes as an AudioUnit
-1.3E: Digits now works on Windows XP again and doesn’t require MSVCR10.dll
-1.3E: Fixed bugs involving changing sampling rate while playing

Digits - synthesizer based on phase distortion

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

1. Download
2. Unpack
3. Add to your DAW
4. Enjoy

Good Luck!!!


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