Tunefish – very tiny virtual analog synthesizer

Tunefish - very tiny virtual analog synthesizer on LInux Mint

Developed by demoscene group Brain Control for the 64k intro competition, Tunefish is probably the only synth, whose synthesis engine contains 10 KB of data. The plugin itself of course weighs more due to the code and graphics, anyway the engine is perfectly optimized and will work fine even on the weakest machines.


-Improved UI compared to TF3 which will visualize all modulations

-Uses an additive synthesis based wavetable generator

-The Noise generator can produce any frequency of noise with any bandwidth

-Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and an improved Notch filter are available

-2 ADSRs and 2 LFOs that can be linked to pretty much any important knob using a modulation matrix

-Supported effects are Flanger, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, EQ and Formant

-The effects stack allows for any permutation of up to 10 effects

Tunefish - very tiny virtual analog synthesizer on LInux Mint

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

1. Download
2. Install
3. Enjoy

Good Luck!!!


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