Vex – plugin sinth from juce project on Linux Mint

Vex - plugin sinth from juce project

Vex is a 3 oscillator subtractive waverom synth. Another interesting softsynth for the GNU/linux platform created by Rock Hardbuns is Vex, a 3-oscillator wavesample/subtractive synthesizer that provides a nice variety of waves for intial tones.
Each of the 3 oscillators is completely autonomous (the red button activates the respective oscillator). Each oscillator has its own octave/fine detuning, phase adjustment, filter section with traditional ADSR layout, low-pass-to-high-pass filter capability, amplitude ADSR envelope, LFO sections, effects channeling controls.

Vex - plugin sinth from juce project

Chorus, reverb and delay are included in the effects section, as well as individual amplitude level and panning controls. Each oscillator also has a 16-step arpeggiator. The arpeggiator windows are displayed by clicking the blue button located next to the respective oscillator. The arpeggiators have various control settings as well, such as speed and key-sync.

A few presets for Vex (for LV2 only). Extract this tarball into your hidden .lv2 directory.

1508324304_vexpatches01_tarA second bank (for LV2 only)., some with arpeggiator. These all include the Vex prefix, for easier selection. 1508324259_vexpatches02_tar

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