/ Bitwig Studio - digital audio workstation on Linux Mint

Bitwig Studio - digital audio workstation on Linux Mint

Before I switched from Windows to Linux mint, I was fond of music. And wrote music in Fruity Loops. But since I moved to Linux mint I'm not doing music. from this point on, I going to move towards writing music in Linux systems. The first article will be about Bitwig Studio. In addition, the extent of my ability, I will update this article.

I reviewed all existing DAW software for Linux and came to the conclusion that the best to work with synths and building music - Bitwig Studio. It is personally my own opinion.
Bitwig Studio is a paid product. Since I don't have enough Finance to buy one, I will describe in the future only based on the capabilities of the demo version.

Bitwig Studio - digital audio workstation on Linux MintBitwig Studio - digital audio workstation on Linux Mint

To describe all advantages of this workstation for a long time and not fruitful. Easier for you to go to the official website and familiarize yourself.

Currently the station does not support LV2 plugins and this is a significant drawback, but the developers promise soon to correct this deficiency.

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

1. Go to the download page and download the latest version.

2. Now, as usual, install by double-clicking on the downloaded deb file.
3. The installation is completed

After installation on my system there was no sound in the program. After reading online, I realized that it still had to install Jack. After installation and configuration I have things working. How to install and configure Jack I will describe in the next article.

Good Luck!!!

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