/ Argotlunar - free granulator working in real-time

Argotlunar - free granulator working in real-time

The plugin splits the incoming audio signal into several smaller parts. In the end, all the pieces are mixed and a signal output. The output signal can be sent back to the input of the plugin.
Some effect parameters can be synchronized to the host tempo to obtain a rhythmic or pulsating textures of timbre.

Time-related parameters can be synced to the host tempo, for rhythmic and pulsing textures. Pitch-related parameters can be quantized for harmonic and melodic effects. Feedback can create chaotic, densely layered, and distorted sounds.

Most of the parameters can be correlated. Examples:

-Filter cut-off correlated with pitch: Higher filter cut-off for grains with higher pitch, and vice versa.
-Grain duration correlated with panning: Grains with shorter duration panned to the center of the stereo field, and grains with longer duration panned wide in the stereo field.

Argotlunar - free granulator working in real-timeArgotlunar - free granulator working in real-time

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download
2. Unpack
3. Add to your DAW
4. Enjoy

Good Luck!!!

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