"Windows isn't a virus, viruses do something."
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In mate, when I try to add background image in my selection, the new images are always lost when I reopen the mate backgroung setting.
But if you don't register, you can't access to playlist features
What is your system version?
cant install it says: Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of
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Linux Mint 18 - review, what's new?

13-06-2016, 11:30
Linux Mint 18, this is the second release with long term support, which is based on a batch basis Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Since Linux Mint 17, the distribution moved to the new scheme of formation of

Virus writers have started to love Linux

18-05-2015, 14:42
Specialists in computer security firm Incapsula found a large botnet consisting of 40 thousand devices running Linux. The investigation revealed that these devices are home and office Wi-Fi routers.

Went on sale Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu Touch

18-05-2015, 08:04
Yesterday, the smartphone Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu Touch finally went on sale in China. In terms of technical characteristics and appearance of the apparatus is identical to the original MX4 running

Why do I need an antivirus for Linux?

17-05-2015, 09:00
Do you ever question whether you need antivirus for Linux? Many a lance was broken in the endless debates, and now, the answer seems obvious — of course, you need! But only if you need to look

USBkill - Self-destructing operating system

6-05-2015, 06:49
Riot police planted the door, beating a citizen with a boot in the face and takes away the computer. This is a sample script of detention of dangerous cyber criminals. In this algorithm, the most

Microsoft continues to pour dirt on Linux

1-03-2015, 22:53
One dubious firm called GFI Software has published an article under the high-sounding title "Most vulnerable operating systems and applications in 2014". The first and second place is given to the