Microsoft continues to pour dirt on Linux

Microsoft continues to pour dirt on Linux

One dubious firm called GFI Software has published an article under the high-sounding title “Most vulnerable operating systems and applications in 2014“. The first and second place is given to the products Apple, but on the third place is Linux. But Windows is all right.

Major media published the news. Of non-specialists, which is the corner of my eye saw the title, in the subconscious fixed installation: I guess that Linux is not so good, if is among the three most leaky OS. The authors of “studies” have achieved their goal.

Let’s see how this vile firm was its rating. It turns out that no proper studies have been conducted. Experts simply counted the number of holes found in the database National Vulnerability Database. First place was awarded the operating system Windows, and all other operating systems much (at times) behind. What to do? And the experts have come up with to split the Windows version, but all distributions Linux, all branches and kernels merged. Now get the desired result:

Microsoft continues to pour dirt on LinuxMicrosoft continues to pour dirt on Linux

It remains to understand why the “experts” from GFI Software engaged in fraud? The answer is not hard to find

Don’t know how many there really holes in each system, but judging from my experience, on any Windows have a default install anti-virus software is even free. With Linux for 3 years of use no problems were noticed and no antivirus.

Good Luck!!!


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