Breaks in filling the blog

Breaks in filling the blogSoon, I won’t be able to write a new article, why, I’ll explain below.My name is Sergei (Shekin), I’m Russian. I live in the North of Russia, although most live in the South.
This blog is primarily a hobby. I really like Linux, especially Linux mint. I loved it. I started blogging when I started to understand Linux. I am learning together with you, dear newcomers, every time I find something (in my opinion) interesting, I’m checking it out on the system LM and publish.
Thereby develop together with you and make Linux even more accessible and interesting.
I try to add new content to the site every day, but I have a personal life, a job. And now is the time that I did a year and a half without work.
In the past I was a sailor – geodesist. And now I had to go back to work at sea. Because need money. Nothing wrong I’m not complaining, but on the contrary!!!
But. For the blog it means longer breaks. At the moment, I arrived at the ship, which is no Internet at all. Only on land, using my own phone.
So when we go at sea, I will not be able to write articles in my spare time.
Please do not be offended, as this is important to me.
The only thing I am worried that advertising revenue could further decline. But that’s another story…
Breaks in filling the blogMay the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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2021 years ago

Dear Shekin,
I like a lot your blog and, in my humble opinion, I\’m sure you\’re doing an excellent work. I will continue reading your articles, also if the updates will be not so frequent, and I believe also a lot of readers will do the same. Don\’t worry and go on!
Life is not always as we should prefer, but it\’s life!

abolfazl younesi
abolfazl younesi
2021 years ago

Dear Shekin.
Tanks for all thing you share with us. Good luck.

2021 years ago

Thx a lot you all guys))) present time I am here
Here shore, and have a little internet connection)))))

2021 years ago

Да помню конечно. )))