/ Three years Steam support for Linux, what has changed?

Three years Steam support for Linux, what has changed?

The launch of Steam for Linux in November of 2012 did much more than simply convince a large number of developers to port their games open source Linux distributions. It was a clear signal to the entire community, not just for gamers, it's time to look at Linux more thoroughly and start not as simple the platform is open source, and as the possibility of developing games and more earnings.

Three years Steam support for Linux, what has changed?Three years Steam support for Linux, what has changed?

Let's take as an example Nvidia and AMD. Both companies developed their own driver for Linux users, but the quality was so poor, we are constantly encouraging thoughts, when will really start the kind of support to the drivers for the video cards under Linux were really good quality. After you start the Steam client for Linux began to appear on the new ported games that were previously available only for Windows, after all beginning to change, and the manufacturer of the adapters has a very good push to spend more time developing drivers for the Linux platforms. The quality of drivers is getting better, not all at once of course, but now the manufacturer drivers produce more frequent releases, and it's obvious that the developers of these companies have a lot more work than it was previously and there is every hope that this process will continue. Except as has been previously reported that Nvidia released a new repository to install the latest drivers, that lets you install new drivers, for gamers or just the users who still use Linux platform it is really good news.


What changes took place in Steam for Linux during these 3 years?

Currently, there are already more than 1600 games (1606) on Steam for Linux, and the number of releases is increasing constantly. Every day becomes more and more developers who are choosing Linux as a priority for game development for Linux users, the developers are changing their game engines, export the code under Linux, of course, until the number of games for Linux can match Windows, but the clock is ticking and we hope that soon Linux will get really high-quality OpenGL support.

While it is impossible to say that when Steam became available for Linux, it still had no impact on huge profits because Valve is still too early to say anything. It is known that Valve is also very actively invests in the Linux operating system which is referred to as the SteamOS based on Debian, and steam has very big plans for the future.

Valve had a reason for playing their game with Linux support, as you must have noticed that the company does not expect quick results from this, and for the first time to obtain huge profits. Valve understands that the audience for Linux is very promising and the fact that they are no other manufacturers in the market of games for the platform, gives us hope that the time will pass and the current number of Linux users on Steam usage is now around 1%, will change in the future, though not immediately, and any attachments, Valve will pay off.


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