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Meeeerccci le seul tuto sur le web qui m'a permis d'installer Multisystem sur LMDE !!! Les autres ne marchent pas... Merci ! Merci ! Merci !
Go to your settings -> themes Press the icon button and change it, in this case, to flat-remix
use this for example https://imgur.com/ then just insert link to the page with picture
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» » Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

In this article we will talk about the possibility to print the posters in Linux Mint. But once the poster is ready, very often there is a logical need to print this image large size on A4 sheets. In Windows there is a great and easy to use, Poster Print (ProPoster). And what about this problem in Linux Mint?

Sorry for the spelling and phonetic errors in the text.
Owner and main writer of MintGuide.org is not a native English speaker.

Consider several options to solve this problem.

Option 1
I'd like to recommend a very good program Posterazor. She cuts the image into a certain number of pages of A4 and can set required fields for gluing. The result Posterazor saves multi-page pdf file. To install run the following command in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install posterazor

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheetsPoster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

Option 2

Use the PhotoPrint. Install it with the command:

sudo apt-get install photoprint

1. Open the image: Image-Add image
2. Next, Layout-Poster
3. Set the desired size (Tiles, by).
4. File-Export - JPEG or TIFF. Specify the desired directory to save.

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

Option 3

Vap - application for layout and print images

Option 4

Use the graphics editor GIMP.

1. Open the desired image: Open file
2. Suppose you need to split the image on 8 sheets of A4. For this we will use tool Guides. Image - Guides - New guide (by %). Select Vertical and set the value to 25% in the Location parameter. Click OK. So add some guides with the values of 50% and 75%.

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

3. Add guides to the Horizontal. In my example will be just one guide with the value of 50%.

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheetsPoster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

4. Further, Image-Transform-Guillotine.
Save created 8 images.
6. Acquired images sent to the printer.

Option 5

There is a great online service for creating posters rasterbator.net

Poster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheetsPoster printing in Linux Mint on A4 sheets

1. Click Print Yourself.
2. Add the image.
3. In Paper settings select which sheets to print (A4, A3, A2...) and their orientation (landscape or portrait). Click 'Continue'.
4. In Output size, select the number of tiles in height(high) or width(wide). Click 'Continue'.
5. In the Style section I would advise you to select No Effects. Click 'Continue'.
6. In the Color section, I left everything to default. Click 'Continue'.
7. In the last section Options note item Crop marks, to print fields for gluing. The Output did not change (Enlarge).
8. In my case it turned out 8 sheets. Click the button Rastebrate 8 pages! and wait for the dialog to save the result. Sometimes you can wait for a few minutes, because the service is online and in the queue can be a lot of jobs.

Good Luck!!

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