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Jesús, for "libpackagekit" run: sudo apt-get install packagekit-backend-aptcc
Guest Michael
This is my favorite GUI text editor for Linux, I use the Windows version all the time too. I also covered this topic here.
I'm using Mint Cinnamone installed on virtual machine VMWare. The instruction helped me to adjust my mouse scroll wheel speed. I set the value to 6. Now it's comfortable to use the mouse. Thanks a lot!
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier, 1. Silentcast 2. I haven't checked, but I think that it is possible to do in the program SimpleScreenRecorder
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier
Is there an application that imports stills into a GIF?
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» » ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solution

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solution

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solution

ONLYOFFICE Editors Desktop is the classic editor and alternative to MS Office on the desktop, which includes word processor, document editor, spreadsheets, and presentations that allow the user to view and edit documents (including offline).

Sorry for the spelling and phonetic errors in the text.
Owner and main writer of is not a native English speaker.


Installing ONLYOFFICE Editors Desktop, you will be able to work with documents without an Internet connection. The editors also provide the ability to quickly switch to online mode for collaboration.

In addition, the use of the desktop version editors allows you to escape from the limitations of the browser, which inevitably arise when working with the online version of editors. In practice, this means:

* Better performance
No more problems with large files and long jumps.

* Copy and paste using the keys
To copy or paste text from another document, you can use the buttons on the toolbar of the editor or the context menu while working in the web version, you can perform these operations only with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V.

* Send the document directly to the printer
No longer need to save the document in PDF format in order to print.

* Local fonts
All available on PC fonts will be automatically downloaded to the editors.

* Localization language
When you edit the document using the desktop application, the document language is selected automatically. You no longer need to choose the language of each paragraph manually as in the online version.

How much is it?

Desktop editors free for personal use.

For commercial use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors available by subscription.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solutionONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solution

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solutionONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors - cloud office solution

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

Manually add the key and repository (For those who do not want to connect the repository, you can install ONLYOFFICE Editors Desktop .deb file for Linux

sudo wget
sudo apt-key add onlyoffice.key
sudo rm onlyoffice.key
sudo su
echo "deb squeeze main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update

Now install ONLYOFFICE Editors Desktop
sudo apt-get install onlyoffice-desktopeditors

During installation, you will need to accept the license.

Good Luck!!!

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