/ GeeTeeDee: to do-Manager

GeeTeeDee: to do-Manager

The application collects the tasks and can easily group them. You can create new groups and add tasks. You can associate tasks with time and see tasks on the basis of this criterion. Tasks you can drag and drop between groups.

The release notes: 

-fixed bugs with broken dependencies libnotify

-added settings dialog

-GeeTeeDee now depends on Qt4 (>=  4.8.0).

-each task group is now displays the number of tasks it contains

-in the new version appeared calendar, which you can easily choose the date of task completion

-fix theoretical loss of data when the user logs off or shuts down the computer

-new scrollbars that replaces the standard, began to look much better

To install GeeTeeDee on Linux Mint or Ubuntu, open your terminal (use Ctrl+Alt+T) and perform the following commands:
cd /tmp && wget-O geeteedee_32.deb
sudo dpkg-i geeteedee_32.deb
sudo apt-get-f install;rm geeteedee_32.deb


cd /tmp && wget-O geeteedee_64.deb
sudo dpkg-i geeteedee_64.deb
sudo apt-get-f install;rm geeteedee_64.deb


11-03-2014, 12:52
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