/ How to install ONLYOFFICE v. 9.5

How to install ONLYOFFICE v. 9.5

Recently ONLYOFFICE developers have updated two of three main components.
What's new in ONLYOFFICE Community Server
CRM module:Project module. Now you can:Talk:What's new in ONLYOFFICE Document ServerInstallation
In this tutorial I will explain you, how to install the whole ONLYOFFICE Community Edition, including Community Server, Document Server and Mail Server using docker-compose.
Step 1:If you don't have Docker Compose installed, you can install it following the instructions on the official Docker website:
Step 2:Install ONLYOFFICE using the docker-compose script:
wget docker-compose up -d
Specify its hostname ''for the mail server correct work.
Step 2: Run your ONLYOFFICE opening the web browser and typing the server hostname or IP address.
Step 3: Enter your login details, choose the required language and start your work with ONLYOFFICE.
27-11-2017, 08:11
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