Visual Studio Code for Linux Mint
In 2015, Visual Studio has become a cross-platform, there was a program VS Code. To use it by the owners of Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

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"cat" command in Linux terminal
The cat command is one of the most commonly used Linux commands. It is often used by experienced users while working with the terminal. With this command, you can very simply view the contents of a
Quick search in history of terminal
On the Linux command line, you often need to re-run previous commands. Let's look at how to quickly find and, if necessary, change a command that you have already executed before.
How to clean a Linux terminal
Sometimes it is necessary to clear the terminal window of the text to get started, so to speak, from scratch. Consider 5 different ways to clear the terminal.
5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Linux Mint
If you are looking for and easy, compatible, safe, fast and above all reliable operating system, Linux Mint is a great option. I have read many questions on internet forums seeking advice for the
Russian roulette in Linux

Russian roulette in Linux

While windows break system and flickering blue screens of death, the life of a Linux user is as stable as the life of the Russians under Vladimir Putin. Want thrills? Play Russian roulette on linux!
How to quickly erase all data on HDD or SSD?
In fact, we strongly condemn any illegal actions. But this principle applies in civilized countries with highly developed judicial systems. And what about those lucky ones who live in countries where
EncFS - Securely encrypt important data
In our turbulent times it is better to encrypt everything. First, computers became powerful enough to carry out on-the-fly encryption without performance loss. Second, you never know when the people
Snap (Snappy) - useful package manager
In this article we'll talk about how to search, install, update, and delete Snap packages in Linux Mint. I have long wanted to write about Snap pakage. What is a Snap pack?

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Marble - free, powerful virtual globe
Perhaps the most practical functionality of the Marble – work on the maps of the OpenStreetMap project. It is a voluntary non-profit project, to solve an ambitious task to create a database of
Python 3.6  - install latest version into Linux Mint
Python is one of the most popular programming languages for Linux. It is written many different tools and libraries. In addition, Python is popular among developers because it is very easy and quick

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