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Meeeerccci le seul tuto sur le web qui m'a permis d'installer Multisystem sur LMDE !!! Les autres ne marchent pas... Merci ! Merci ! Merci !
Go to your settings -> themes Press the icon button and change it, in this case, to flat-remix
use this for example https://imgur.com/ then just insert link to the page with picture
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What commands you should never use in Linux?

9-09-2016, 10:59
Linux users - the people cheerful. We love to joke. Unfortunately, some of the jokes on the Linux newbies sometimes end with the destruction of the system and the victim no longer a laughing matter.

Timekpr - track and control the computer usage

15-06-2016, 13:11
Timekpr is a parental control app that can be used to track and control the use of computer. With it you can restrict the duration of user sessions and hours of access, or to block the account.

KStars - desktop planetarium for KDE

18-12-2015, 10:53
KStars - virtual C++ / QT / KDE planetarium that displays an accurate picture of the night sky (including the Sun, moon, stars, constellations, clusters, nebulae, galaxies, comets, asteroids,

Create a text memo from the selected text

11-12-2015, 10:27
Often, while surfing on the Internet there is a need to store some information on your computer. A small script which will save the information to a text file. It is very convenient.

Toggl - a program for working time tracking

5-12-2015, 09:30
In this article I want to talk about the program Toggl for time tracking. If You often work at the computer, even for very convenient, how much do you spend per day on work without being distracted

How to remove spaces in file names?

3-12-2015, 10:31
Spaces in file names very often can create a lot of "hemorrhoids". Who works in the console, that will understand me. Recently there was a need to mass encode a group video files from one format to

How to mount disk images in Linux Mint?

14-11-2015, 08:30
Use ISO disk images is gaining popularity because modern computers are often not equipped with optical drives. We previously wrote about How to create the disk image ISO in Linux Mint. Now let's