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me again
If you would like to backup your system to ISO- disk image or clone a partition.
humble pie
I think it works, Mint 18 xfce. Have installed clonezilla from the mint package manager, called it [sudo clonezilla] and it opened.
This is awesome!
david mabitsi
i cant seem to be winning uninstalling linux mint 17.2
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How to set hot keys for opening programs

29-11-2016, 14:37
Assign your own hotkeys to open apps may be convenient for the users of notebooks/netbooks, as well as to users of desktop computers who prefer use the keyboard but not mouse.

What commands you should never use in Linux?

9-09-2016, 10:59
Linux users - the people cheerful. We love to joke. Unfortunately, some of the jokes on the Linux newbies sometimes end with the destruction of the system and the victim no longer a laughing matter.

KStars - desktop planetarium for KDE

18-12-2015, 10:53
KStars - virtual C++ / QT / KDE planetarium that displays an accurate picture of the night sky (including the Sun, moon, stars, constellations, clusters, nebulae, galaxies, comets, asteroids,

Create a text memo from the selected text

11-12-2015, 10:27
Often, while surfing on the Internet there is a need to store some information on your computer. A small script which will save the information to a text file. It is very convenient.

Toggl - a program for working time tracking

5-12-2015, 09:30
In this article I want to talk about the program Toggl for time tracking. If You often work at the computer, even for very convenient, how much do you spend per day on work without being distracted