install KiCad – free program for creating electrical circuits ubuntu/linux mint


KiCad – free program for creating electrical circuits and printed circuit boards. Includes programs for automation of design of electronic devices (Electronic Design Automation – EDA).

KiCad consists of the following components: Eeschema – editor of electrical circuits; Pcbnew – editor of printed circuit boards (include another view of volumetric images of printed circuit boards); Gerbview – view photomasks; Cvpcb – choice of seats for the components used on the diagram. Kicad – project Manager.

Work in KiCad is performed through a graphical interface. You drag the workspace necessary elements, add the links between them, make captions. On the website of the programme you can download the documentation, but unfortunately, it is in English.


The program KiCad cross-platform and is available for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows.
Installing KiCad in Ubuntu Linux
Program KiCad you can install from the standard Ubuntu repositories, and you can use PPA repository, which may include the newer version. To install KiCad from PPA repository, run in a terminal point:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adamwolf/kicad-testing-dailysudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install kicad
Good Luck!!!

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