How to choose a laptop for Linux Mint

How to choose a laptop for Linux Mint

If you buy a new laptop for Linux, you do not just buy the Windows laptop you like and hope for the best – you need to plan your purchasing to ensure that it will work well with Linux. Fortunately, compatibility with hardware in Linux is now better than ever.

Most desktop Linux distributions are installed on computers that were created without any concern for Linux users. The equipment may not work perfectly in Linux and if not, the manufacturer doesn’t care. Some research before buying can save you nerves later.

Laptops that come with Linux
Actually, it is possible to get a laptop that comes preloaded with Linux. This is a good option if you seriously intend to use Linux and just want to get your equipment worked. These laptops do not just preset a distribution you can choose to perform the installation for a few minutes – but you get a guarantee that Linux will correctly maintained. Installing Linux on this laptop, it is claimed that he had some work to ensure that the equipment works correctly, it has the driver under Linux distributions, and so on. Technical support will seriously consider you if you have a problem when running in Linux: they won’t shut down under the pretext that only supported Windows.

Here are some laptops that you can explore and buy right now:

  • Laptops System76: this manufacturer specializes in laptops, desktops and server hardware with Ubuntu preinstalled. They make this all – laptops System76 even button Super is an image of the logo of Ubuntu, not Windows, as in the vast majority of computers. System76 sells a large number of notebooks from 14-inch to 17-inch “monsters” created as a powerful Linux-analogues productive gaming Windows laptops
  • Laptops ZaReason – this company also sells laptops, servers and desktop computers running Linux. Their laptops are cheaper than from System76.

Please note that we do not have any of these laptops, so can’t recommend anything. You need to read reviews of the latest versions of these devices to make their own buying decision.

Using a Chromebook

How to choose a laptop for Linux MintHow to choose a laptop for Linux Mint

Chromebook also can be turned into a cheap Linux laptops. ChromeOS is a slightly modified Linux desktop with a different interface, so the hardware chromebooks will support desktop Linux. You can install a traditional Linux desktop system along with ChromeOS and use the same driver hardware that come with the Chromebook itself, so everything should work perfectly.

Downside to using a Chromebook as a portable Linux computer that they were not created for this. In them a small amount of internal memory, and they are designed to be lightweight systems to work with the Internet. They won’t like you if you’re going to run multiple virtual machines at a time, as you have compiled code. However, they are much cheaper than the usual Linux laptops. So if you want a simple cheap little device to work with Linux Mint or Ubuntu, Chromebook can work for you.

We reviewed some things that you should think about when you buy chromebook for use with Linux. Be especially careful in the differences between the Chromebook based on ARM architecture and Intel processors.

Laptops that do not come with Linux
You may also want to buy a laptop that comes without Linux, and set it on him. It will also allow you to use dualboot when your computer has both Windows and Linux. Or you can remove the preinstalled windows and then install Linux.
More and more equipment is now becoming highly compatible with Linux, but, in my opinion, you still need to do some research to make sure that no problems will arise. Be especially careful with laptops with switchable graphics technology