Funny Linux commands that you will love

9 funny Linux commands that you will love

Creating ASCII drawings, speak to your computer and play word games. Your Linux console is not just for workit can entertain you, if you know the right commands.

Let’s say you know the basics of the command line, you have learned some important commands for beginners. But the problem of learning the command line is that it’s boring at first. Change folders and moving files doesn’t seem interesting.

Regardless of, whether you’re trying to make the terminal a little more interesting for myself, or trying to show a few “tricks” to someone you’re trying to learn, there are a few teams that could make the console more fun. Enjoy!

Note – most of these commands must be installed before you use them – I have included the command to install the corresponding package in Linux Mint, ElementaryOS and other distributions based on Ubuntu. Installation instructions for other Linux distributions can be different, but the package names are usually the same.

Creating ASCII banners
ASCII-banners – sometimes you can find them in the network. The letters are linked together to create large letters that allows you to add these banners out of ordinary text, for example, in comments on Reddit.
If you want to create these banners, you need to know the correct commands. Figlet is a similar command.

9 funny Linux commands that you will love9 funny Linux commands that you will love

It is easy, right? Type 


to see the full list of installed fonts, supplemented with samples of how they look. To use them, insert -f the_name_of_the_font between figlet and your desired text.

sudo apt-get install figlet[/simterm]

Let your computer speak
Did you know that you can make your computer on Linux speaks to you? This command is also very simple:

espeak “I can say anything”[/simterm]

It’s easy, but you can see other options by reviewing the manual to the package.

sudo apt-get install espeak[/simterm]

Get a random prediction
You can gain a fortune, and you will receive a random quote or prediction, as if taken from cookies.

9 funny Linux commands that you will love9 funny Linux commands that you will love

Perhaps it’s a bit silly, but sometimes it’s really required. If you find the output too polite, you can get something a little more rough with the command:

fortune -o[/simterm]

We are not responsible for what you read after you type this command: use at your own risk!
To install use the following command:

sudo apt-get install fortune[/simterm]

To get a rough answer:

sudo apt-get install fortunes-off[/simterm]

Let the cow says
Another pointless command in this article is cowsay, which allows the cow to say something. Seriously – it is.

cowsay blablabla[/simterm]

9 funny Linux commands that you will love9 funny Linux commands that you will love

It’s completely pointless, of course. However, reading the manual and looking through all available options (-w, cow blinked), you can get an understanding of how the command line arguments. Combining cowsay and fortune, you can understand how the transference. Run the following command:

fortune | cowsay[/simterm]

The symbol “|(straight line on top of the Enter key on your keyboard) sends the output of the command fortune cowsay, allowing the cow to tell your fortune.

sudo apt-get install cowsay[/simterm]

The Effect Of The “Matrix
In 90-x years out the movie “the Matrix”, recognized as one of the best ever. In it computers display random code green on their screensand we tried to reproduce and understand it. cmatrix is a quick way to make your command line similar to this effect.

9 funny Linux commands that you will love9 funny Linux commands that you will love

sudo apt-get install cmatrix[/simterm]

Fix frequent typo
The ls command shows you the contents of the current directory, however, input sl it is also quite simple. This program animates a locomotive that rides on your screen when you do it.

9 funny Linux commands that you will love9 funny Linux commands that you will love

If you type sl, the result will be at least funny. This is a useful utility for everyone who is learning to use the command line.

sudo apt-get install sl[/simterm]

Create a random non-existent personality

9 funny Linux commands that you will love

It’s funny – type rig at the terminal and it will display a random address and phone number. 

sudo apt-get install rig[/simterm]

Play text-adventure games
Play games from the command line is very simple with the help of a program frotz. First you will need a few games to play them, of courseInfocom offers all the classic games, and IFwikioffers even more.

9 funny Linux commands that you will love9 funny Linux commands that you will love

Download them, and then navigate to the folder where they are stored, using your terminal. Type “frotz filename” to open your game.

sudo apt-get install frotz[/simterm]

What other fun commands you know?
Tell us about the most funny Linux commands that you know, in the comments below. We are always happy to hear about those operating systems.
And Yes, the fact that some of you will pay attention to this command


to see an ASCII version of Star wars.

Good Luck!!!


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