Bitcoin – best wallets for Linux Mint

Bitcoin - best wallets for Linux MintBitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies that are gaining great popularity lately. This is a special currency for operations with which you’ll need special software. You can find more information on how Bitcoin and blockchain on the Internet.To perform various actions with bitcoin, sending and receiving payments, you need to install the management program wallet and create your wallet. In this article we review the best Bitcoin wallets that you can use in Linux Mint and other operating systems.
What is wallet Bitcoion?
We’ve finded that a wallet is simply an account on any online service or a Bank, where is written how much money you have available. The Bitcoin organization similar to such organization only in appearance, in fact, the information for all of you media is stored in blockchain copies of which were posted on the computers in the world, and this means that the balance no one will be able to forge. Never, except in cases when software errors were committed.
To confirm that these are your tools use your private key, and blockchain is performed in a special software that is installed on your computer. If you lose the key, that will not be able to recover their money. Of course, you can use online Bitcoin accounts, then the software will be installed on a third party server, and you will have to trust his owners, which is not always safe. Therefore it is better to store your bitcoins locally. Moreover, there are great wallets of Bitcoin makes it very easy to implement this task. In addition to software wallets, and online products, there are hardware solutions but we will not consider them.

Now let’s get to the list.
1. Copay
Bitcoin - best wallets for Linux MintCopay is a Bitcoin wallet from Bitpay, which can be installed on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, MacOS and Windows. Because the client available on multiple platforms, you can use the same wallet on multiple devices.
The wallet has a simple user interface, and also has advanced features for interaction accounts. For example, you can create multiple wallets for which you will need to obtain a signature from each user for the transaction. All keys are generated based on one master key, it means that it is enough to know one key to recover the wallet or transfer it to another machine. For key, you can use memocode of the 12 English words for easy memorization of the master key.
The Copay wallet uses SPV and the system of confirmation of transactions when you don’t need to store the whole blockchain size 90 GB on your computer. Instead, operations are supported by using random servers. But it reduces privacy.
2. Armory
Bitcoin - best wallets for Linux MintArmory is the most mature, secure and multi-functional Bitcoin wallet, but it can be technically challenging for new users. Wallet downloads the full version of the knot and the necessary information, including the entire blockchain. This means that you don’t have to trust third parties and you will receive the highest level of security. Key recovery is not supported. The client can run on Windows and Linux.
3. Bitcoin Core
Bitcoin - best wallets for Linux MintBitcoin Core is the official Bitcoin wallet, although it is used by only a very few due to the slow speed and lack of extra features such as the recovery of the purse. As expected, the program loads on the disc the whole blockchain. This ensures maximum privacy. Like the previous wallet, it does not depend on other nodes. For increased anonymity you can use Tor. Wallet supports Windows, Linux and MacOS.
4. Electrum
Bitcoin - best wallets for Linux Mint This is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets for personal computers. It works very fast and easy to use. Electrum uses a third party server to confirm the transaction, and it reduces the amount of data downloaded, but at the same time decrease the level of security and anonymity because your data is sent to centralized servers that facilitate the work, but allow to link the actions with your IP address. We can say that this is the best bitcoin wallet.
In addition, Electrum allows you to use offline storage, if you have a computer that is not connected to the network to increase the security of the Wallet can be restored by special memocode, and you can use Tor to increase anonymity.
5. Multibit
Bitcoin - best wallets for Linux Mint Multibit is a fast and easy client that comes with localization for different languages and can be installed in just a few minutes. It is known as wallet, friendly for users, but still it can be challenging for a beginner. The client does not download the entire blockchain, so takes up less space on disk. But, like other customers of Bitcoin, it has lower security features. Security issues can be solved by using Tor. The client is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
6. Bitcoin Knots