Boostnote – open source note-taking app for coding

Boostnote - open source note-taking app for programmers.The application is written using Electron, does not require a network connection, supports Markdown (with live preview) and allows you to quickly create and easy to store snippets of code, as Github Gists.The main portion of the note will be written in Markdown, because Boostnote is primarily a Markdown editor. Your Markdown notes are automatically saved in the process of writing and the various formatting options have live preview so you can see how the formatting during typing.Notes and snippets of source code (more about them below) it is easy to manage using tags and folders.

The application is able to highlight the code syntax for more than one hundred languages, including javascript, Python, HTML and CSS, and you can also store a few snippets in one post. Indentation (tabs or spaces) and the font size can be set directly in the editor window.
Finally, you can export notes in common .txt or markdown files (.md).Boostnote - open source note-taking app for programmersThe application also has support for LaTeX, so you can easily insert equations into your notes: Boostnote - open source note-taking app for programmersThe application allows you effectively use all the available options. A few keyboard shortcuts (which, of course, you can further customize) allows you to access your notes, search for something in them or quickly to perform other important actions.
You can apply different themes to the Markdown editor and the code editor so they are more targeted to your preferences. You’ll find the themes section in Settings > UI. Also available dark theme, covering the entire application.Boostnote - open source note-taking app for programmersInstallation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download DEB file (available only x64)Boostnote - open source note-taking app for programmers2. Install it
3. Run it from menu
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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