PB for Desktop – lightweight Desktop app for PushBullet

PB for Desktop - lightweight Desktop app for PushBulletSend files, notes and more from a browser on a PC right on the phone. PushBullet makes it easy to instantly send files, links, notes, lists, reminders, addresses and more on your Android or iphone device. Something reminiscent of KDE Connect (but without KDE dependencies)Why is PushBullet so useful? How is it different from, say, Dropbox? PushBullet – fast dispatch directly from notifications for easy access. Let’s say you want send a PDF on your phone. Instead of going to Dropbox, finding it, downloading it, and then finally opening it, you can put it directly from your computer to your phone and in your notification where you can open it with one click. Without searching, no waiting, simply, easily and quickly. Another interesting feature quick – create lists.
Just type up in the list either PushBullet.com or in the Chrome extension and send straight to Your phone. It will be instantly in your notification and if you click it, it will lead you to a checklist where you can check things as you finish them. Great use for the checklist is a short list, and it gets even better as you can share your devices with other people. Want to grab a few things on his or her way home? Simply send the list right to their phone. No email, just super convenient. And of course the Chrome extension makes it incredibly easy to send web pages and Google Maps addresses right to Your phone.
Found a restaurant you want to eat? Send the address to your phone and get the NAV notification. Same for YouTube videos and more! What’s more, PushBullet takes full advantage the new features of Jelly Bean in the notice to show previews of images, lists and notes. It’s pretty amazing.PB for Desktop - lightweight Desktop app for PushBullet Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download DEB filePB for Desktop - lightweight Desktop app for PushBullet2. Install it
3. Run it from menuPB for Desktop - lightweight Desktop app for PushBullet PB for Desktop - lightweight Desktop app for PushBulletPB for Desktop - lightweight Desktop app for PushBulletThe program will ask you to install pushbullet on your Android phone and extension to the browser. Don’t forget check settings and encryption setup.
In addition, I installed pushbullet indicator for the file manager Nemo. I had pushbullet in the context menu, but not working on my desktop.
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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